Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

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Composite Bonding

From Taylored Dental Care

Composite bonding can be confusing as it ranges from a small addition to a tooth to repair a small missing piece all the way through to a tooth’s complete transformation.

Composite is a plastic material that can be sculpted to replace missing bits of tooth or to completely cover the tooth to change its colour and shape.

It is bonded or stuck onto the tooth’s surface hence the term – Composite Bonding.

Remarkable results can be achieved with composite and small additions to teeth with a bit of wear can make a huge difference to people’s smiles.

Using techniques such as SmileFast the entire smile can be transformed. Its a great system whereby you get to see what your teeth could look like before you start with treatment.

A trial smile is made in acrylic in your mouth to confirm you are really happy with what was agreed from a photo.

Once confirmed having seen the temporary acrylic version this can be transferred into composite for a much longer lasting result.


  1. Cheaper than porcelain.
  2. None to minimal amounts of tooth preparation needed.
  3. Great to check new teeth shapes over a few years before progressing to porcelain.


  1. Needs maintenance as can stain and chip.
  2. Not as long lasting as porcelain.

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