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Dental Implants


Dental Implants are a fantastic replacement for missing teeth.


Jas, our master implantologist, is a magician with implant placement and is fully committed to our philosophy of dentistry for those that dont like dentists. This means everything is carried out in the most pleasant way possible with minimal to zero complication.


If you are unfortunate enough to lose any teeth there are 4 options available to you:


  1. Do nothing and accept the space.
  2. Dentures or false teeth and sometimes called a plate.
  3. Bridges
  4. Implants


Pros and Cons of each:


  1. Do nothing



Cheapest option

If you have lost a small number of teeth at the back of the mouth there may be no need to replace them as long as you don’t miss them.



If teeth are lost at the front of the mouth this can look unsightly.

If you have fewer than 10 teeth in the top meeting 10 teeth in the bottom the excess pressure put on the teeth makes them more likely to chip, fracture or wear down.

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