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From Taylored Dental Care

Veneers are a very thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the lip surface of teeth to change their shape and colour.

Dramatic, long lasting and stunning results can be achieved with a skilled clinician to prepare the teeth and an artistic technician from a great laboratory to make the veneers.

Our clinicians are expert in the planning and provision of beautiful veneers assisted by one of the very best porcelain veneer technicians around.

Porcelain veneers can work exceptionally well but its easy to get it wrong and have problems. That’s why its important to choose an excellent dental practice if you are considering having this very challenging treatment done.


  • Must have lots of experience.
  • Must have had many hours of post graduate training in veneer preparation.
  • Operate under magnification i.e use surgical loupes with illumination.
  • Use the latest scanning technology for the most accurate information to send to the lab.

Laboratory / Technician

  • Must have lots of experience.
  • A natural artistic flare to recreate a tooth’s surface and its complicated shades with porcelain.
  • Should use the very highest grade porcelains. 
  • To ensure you get the very best we use this lab: We use this lab:

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