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From Taylored Dental Care


Otherwise known as “falsies”, a plate, or to some “a nightmare”.

It’s true, years of poorly made rubbish looking false teeth have given dentures a bad name.


What has made things worse is:

  1. fewer and fewer dentures are being made by dentists so they are deskilling.
  2. There are very few dentists investing in further education for dentures. Many are learning about implants, cosmetic dentistry and more modern techniques and services.


Does this mean all is lost??



Taylored Dental Care has 2 incredible Clinical Dental Technicians – Matt and Joe that have made thousands of dentures between them of the very highest quality.


What is a Clinical Dental Technician?


A CDT does both parts of denture production; they do the technical bit usually done in a lab (actually making the denture, like a technician) but also they do the clinical bit usually done in surgery by a dentist i.e. taking impression, measurements, shades etc.

A CDT’s entire professional life revolves around dentures.


It’s all they do.
It’s all they study.


Because of this they are denture experts!


It has been known in the past for a dentist to blame the technician for a denture not fitting properly or vice versa.


It’s understandable that there could be a lack of communication between the lab and the surgery so inaccuracies could creep in. Often just a one or two line sentence is written on a lab ticket making things very difficult for the technician.


The amazing things about dentures made by a Clinical Dental Technician:


The whole process is carried out by one person! No room for a lack of communication, no guesswork is required at the lab.
A real pride is taken to provide the very best dentures using the very latest techniques and materials.

There’s no room for excuses and blaming another person.

The CDT’s only focus is dentures, not implants or bridges or tooth whitening.

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